The Pursuit of God

I think I’ve finally come up with a name that will suit the tenor of this blog – ‘The Pursuit of God’.


For starters, I just like the way it sounds.

Secondly, it gives me focus without limiting what I can blog about here. It makes me focus by forcing me to think about my posts through the lens of a life in pursuit of God. That’s a good thing for life in general, right? Consciously thinking about how a news story, or a movie, or an idea fits in with the overall story of us chasing after God with our lives. It also leaves me free to post just about anything on here, because all of life matters, even the mundane or the silly.

Thirdly, I think it’s an awesome image. Us chasing after God. Following Him. Trying to walk where He has walked, go where He is going. I think that pretty well captures the spirit of what life in Christ is supposed to be all about. Because you can’t walk where He has walked and go where He is going without learning to become like Him. That might make a good tagline – ‘Learning, following, waiting with expectation…’ Something like that…

Anyways, as you can see, in addition to a name, I created a header that I think is pretty neat. So now it’s on to the ‘about me’ page and the widgets panel, and I’ll be fully functional here on WordPress.




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