Random Randomness

– Kurt Johnston, the youth pastor at Saddleback Church in California whose idea ‘Random Randomness’ actually is, is a huge Denver Broncos fan. Earlier today I mentioned him in a tweet about how Jay Cutler stinks as a quarterback and is also a whiny poor loser. I figured he would appreciate reveling in Cutler’s misfortunes as a Chicago Bear. Now I’m hoping that Jay Cutler and Kurt Johnston aren’t friends or distant relatives…

– I’m watching the newest X-Files movie, ‘I Want to Believe’. It just reaffirms my firm conviction that the X-Files tv show should have ended after season 8.

– Speaking of tv shows ending, I find myself in a state of high anticipation for season 6 of Lost this morning. I couldn’t tell you why, I just am. Maybe it’s because Lost is one of my current favorite tv shows, and the X-Files is a past favorite…

– I’m discovering the power of social media. I created a Facebook event for tonight’s BHS football game and invited all of the students, parents, and volunteers in our ministry (total of like, 14 people). As of now, we have 7 confirmed attendees and 6 maybes – and out of those 13 people, only 4 of them are people we sent invitations directly to. And 2 of them are me and my wife! Should be fun tonight…

– I am more and more thankful all the time for my awesome volunteers. They make what we do at Flashpoint Student Ministry possible, and I would go crazy without them. Thanks!



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