When does Christmas end?

An interesting question I’m dealing with right now – When does Christmas end?

Here’s why… Like millions of other people out there, my wife and I travel for Christmas. We’re the youngest in both of our families, and we don’t have any kids. Therefore we are the most mobile. Unfortunately, our parents live several hours away from each of us, and several hours away from each other. And since my work schedule necessitated me being at church this past Sunday, our Christmas got split between my family last week and my wife’s family this week.

Which again begs the question, when does Christmas end? Last night we gathered with my wife’s family and opened gifts. Is Christmas over now? Was it over at 12:00AM on December 26th? (I think the shopping industry believes this. We went shopping on the 26th, and one cashier almost fell over herself cutting my wife off in the middle of saying ‘Merry Christmas’.)

I guess a broader question is, “What is Christmas?” Strictly speaking, I suppose Christmas is the holiday celebrated on December 25th by much of the world. I guess for some people that’s where it stops. For others, Christmas is more about the spirit of the season – peace on earth, goodwill towards all men, and all that. Does that spirit end on December 26th? For people who drive on the 26th it seems like it does…

What are your thoughts? Which camp do you fall into? Is Christmas a once-a-year holiday, or a feel-good spirit of goodwill? Or something else that I didn’t think of?


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  1. I share your pain as we leave even tonight for more Christmas celebrations and more tomorrow. I suppose at that time our “celebration” of the Christmas season will end. But I am with the camp that seeks to have the spirit of Christmas become more than once a year, but envelope our entire way of living. Looking for opportunities to make those lives around us a brighter place. As several of my coworkers and I discussed as we worked during the Christmas holiday. One way to be Christ to those around us is to always seek to make those lives we touch a little better or brighter because we were there. To make all attempts for those lives we bump into to be better and not worse because our paths crossed.


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