“We are ‘Go’ for entertainment”

Most people think (due in large part to the song) that Christmas is THE most wonderful time of the year. That’s actually not true. No offense to Jesus, but October is the most wonderful time of the year. There is postseason baseball, football (high school, college, and NFL), hockey, and the NBA season is right around the corner. It can’t be beat.

The second most wonderful time of the year is actually not Christmas, either, but mid-winter. Mid-Januaryish, to be exact. January and February are when all of the best shows on tv come out of hibernation and entertain us again. The long two months with nothing but reruns and cheaply-made Christmas movies is over, and we can resume the stories we love.

Here’s what I’m particularly looking forward to this winter/spring:


American Idol starts back tonight. I have a real love/hate relationship with AI. I hate much of the show, but there are always moments that are truly wonderful to behold.

LOST returns February 2nd. My favorite moment of 2010 so far was when President Obama decided to keep the state of the union address in January so that it wouldn’t conflict with the season premier of LOST.

Other returning/new shows that I’ll be keeping my eye on in the coming months: Battlestar Galactica: the Plan, Caprica, Stargate Universe, the Office, Greek, Glee, V, and FlashForward. Each of these shows has at least some element of social/culture commentary and/or exploration of the human condition. Which I love…


Now that I’ve seen Avatar in 3d, the only thing I’m really excited about is the upcoming Denzel Washington movie ‘The Book of Eli’. I wasn’t very excited about it at all until I learned a bit more about it. And I didn’t get stoked for it until I read this post on Mark Oestreicher’s blog. Now it’s on my “must-see” list, which is extremely short for movies.

What all this adds up to is (hopefully) a plethora of things for me to write about here on The Pursuit of God. I love stories. I love the characters, the interaction, the intrigue, and the ability of a good story to say so much about humanity and the world in which we live. I love the potential in stories to enrich, to entertain, to teach, to rebuke, to unite, and to inspire. My prayer for myself, and all of you, is that 2010 would be a year of not just mindlessly consuming media, but of dissecting and analyzing it. More and more I am convinced that, even in the midst of the worst our culture has to offer, there can be moments that are messages straight from God.



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