Update on Haiti

We’ve received some good news this afternoon. All of the children from Val’s Orphanage have been accounted for and are safe! I don’t know the exact details of what happened there, but here’s the story as far as I know…

Our missionary friends were visiting the orphanage and had just left when the earthquake hit. They returned to find the building collapsed, and couldn’t get any response from the rubble. They couldn’t stay long, as they had to get back to Christianville and check on their kids and grandkids.

Today, all of the kids are accounted for, but some of the adults are still missing. Among the missing is Val, the orphanage’s director. Val was on his way to Port Au Prince to pick people up at the airport. So far, no one knows if he was in Port Au Prince when the earthquake struck, or if he was en route.

Please continue to lift up the nation of Haiti, the humanitarian workers, missionaries, and doctors who will have more than their share of work to do in the coming months and years.

Peace, and praise God!



  1. Concerned about my daughter and her friends from Eustis, Florida. They arrived on Saturday. They are at Christianville. My daughter is Heather Knuckles.

    Please help me find them..

    Thank you,

    Jim Knuckles


  2. Jim, I sent an email to my missionary friends at Christianville. I asked them to try to locate your daughter and either have her contact you or pass the information on through me. I know this must be torture for you waiting in the dark like this. Trust God, my friend.


  3. Update:

    Jim, I just got an email from Rita, one of my friends currently at Christianville. She wrote, “Heather is here with us, she has sent a couple emails to Alan. Tell them she’s safe!” I don’t know if Alan is you or Heather’s husband or brother. Bottom line, it looks like she’s safe and secure. I hope that brings you some comfort.


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