Haiti Latest

For those of you following the crisis in Haiti, and specifically the ministries of Christianville and Haitian Christian Projects, here’s the latest.

As far as we know from what we’re hearing, both of the orphanages supported by Haitian Christian Projects were destroyed in the earthquake. The good news is that all of the kids, and apparently all the caretakers, are accounted for and are fine.

Jeff and Rita Riedel, who run Haitian Christian Projects, are going to be focusing their future efforts on rebuilding the orphanages and securing supplies for them.

As for Christianville, from what we’re hearing all of the buildings on the complex except for the church, the guesthouse, and the guesthouse coordinator’s house, all of the buildings are either destroyed or too damaged to salvage. They will need much prayer and financial support in the coming months as they rebuild.

Right now the biggest need HCP and Christianville have is getting their people home safely. Jeff, Doug, and Frank made/are making a trip to the American Embassy in Port Au Prince today to try to secure passage home. They are also trying to get a humanitarian visa for Dor, the Haitian boy that Doug and Amy are in the process of adopting. Please continue to pray for their safe passage home.

That’s all we know for now. I’ll keep posting updates as they come in.



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