Quick HCP/Christianville update

Sorry I’ve been slack about posting for the last few days. I really just needed some time to process and try to wrap my mind around what is happening in Haiti. I’ve got some good post ideas in the works, and I promise to get back to regular posting soon.

Before I go to bed, I just wanted to post a quick update on Haitian Christian Projects and Christianville. Jeff Riedel (of HCP) made it home to South Carolina this afternoon. He brought some great news with him – everyone is getting to come home. The biggest question mark was Dor, the Haitian boy that Doug and Amy are adopting. It looks like everything is working out for him to be able to come home with the rest of the family. They should all be home within a week or so.

As the death toll in Haiti continues to rise (the Haitian government is now tallying more than 70,000 confirmed deaths), keep praying fervently for the Haitian people as a whole, and our friends at Christianville in particular.




  1. I will do that, Todd. I got an email from Rita a little bit ago, and she said that she is coming home tomorrow with a few others, including a Haitian girl who is being adopted by an American family.


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