Big News and Cool Changes!

I’m excited about what’s going on here with the Pursuit of God. In case you hadn’t noticed, earlier this week we sort of went ‘official’ by purchasing our own domain name. I don’t know if that actually makes this blog ‘official’, but it feels that way.

In addition, you may have noticed that I’ve been using the words ‘we’ and ‘our’ in this post. That’s because, starting soon, I (Joseph) won’t be the only author here at the Pursuit of God. It occurred to me recently that my pursuit of God might just look pretty different from someone else’s. So I’ve asked a couple of my good friends to help me out by posting their own thoughts, observations, leadings, learnings, analyses, and critiques from their pursuit of God. And I plan on asking a few more people that I trust and admire to do the same.

So over the next few days and weeks, look for a couple of changes to the blog (for instance, “About Me and PofGBlog” will probably become something like “About Us” or “About the Authors”), as well as the first of what will be many insightful, thoughtful, and hopefully sometimes hilarious posts from some of the best people that are a part of my life.



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