Much Ado About Nothing

So last night was the SuperBowl. I’ll be honest and admit that I thought that the Colts would win by at least two touchdowns, not lose by two. I was wrong about it not being a close game at all – in fact it was a very close game until the 4th quarter. I was wrong about Peyton Manning; I said frequently before last night’s game that he would have a huge ridiculous game and lead his team to victory. I was wrong about the commercials; many of them were pretty funny.

I was wrong about a lot of things last night. And I think being able to admit it when you’re wrong is a sign of maturity, and of integrity. So let’s see if the naysayers and anti-Christian elements in our culture can admit that they were wrong about the “Tim Tebow” commercial last night.

I’m not holding my breath.

Seriously, the hubub about this ad was incredible. (I can’t find it on YouTube yet, but I’m sure it will be on there soon. For now, you can find it at Focus on the Family’s website.) It was arguably the most controversial commercial going into the big game last night (with recognition, of course, for the gay dating website commercial that didn’t get aired). Here are a couple of the most common criticisms I heard about the Tebow spot, and why they turned out to be bogus.

“It’s disingenuous.” – I heard this one quite a bit. Articles like this one and videos like this one questioned everything from the motivation behind the advertisement to the historical accuracy of the Tebow story. People were up in arms because the commercial was sponsored by Focus on the Family, a ministry that has been labeled as a sort of Christian hate organization. And all of this before the ad even aired. To label the ministry of Focus on the Family or the Tebows as deceitful or disingenuous without even seeing the ad is just irresponsible.

“Can’t we just have fun commercials?” – Agreed. Last year’s SuperBowl commercials were so blah… They totally reflected where our American culture (not to mention the economy) was. This year, people just wanted something lighthearted and fun. And the Tebow commercial was exactly that. The music was light and bouncy. Pam Tebow was smiling and engaging throughout. And how ridiculous is it for her to get spear-tackled by her son? So I feel like this commercial passes the lighthearted test. You know what commercial wasn’t lighthearted and fun? Mark Sanchez’s ad for women’s heart health. Or this Budweiser commercial. Or this Vizio commercial. Or this Hyundai commercial. Or this Google commercial.

“Can’t we have one day without political stuff?” – Again, I totally agree. But the political whiners lost this argument when CBS aired an entirely political interview with President Obama barely 2 hours before the game (DURING the network’s pre-game festivities, no less). Katie Couric asked the President about healthcare and other intensely political issues. By contrast, the Tebow ad didn’t even mention abortion or anything else even remotely political.

So why all the outcry against the Tebow commercial? The only answers I can come up with are 1) people know that Tim Tebow is intensely Christian, and 2) people know that the ad was sponsored by Focus on the Family. Other than that, the commercial was better than about half the others that showed last night.

I swallowed my pride and admitted that I was wrong about just about every aspect of the game last night. Let’s see if some of the people who were whining and crying about a completely innocuous tv commercial can show some integrity and do the same.



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