Doldrums (Pt. 2)

My second wedding anniversary was Monday, but we’re not really celebrating until this weekend, so I’ve had a lot of time this week to think about my relationship with my wife, where we are, where we’re going, that sort of stuff. It’s been a very good process for me, because we’ve both been very busy with work and extra activities over the last couple of months, so we haven’t been having very many deep, meaningful conversations. In fact, you could say that we were both feeling a little disconnected, in a bit of the doldrums. Truth be told, we had kind of gotten a little boring to each other.

We’ve had two conversations in the past week and a half, though, that were the type of conversations that I’ll definitely remember for a long long time. Last night I even learned something about my wife that I didn’t know before, even though we’ve been together for more than 5 years. That’s not an very long time, I know, but it’s long enough that I was surprised to learn something totally new about her. It’s exciting!

This morning I was reflecting on my relationship with God, and how it feels like I’ve been in a state of spiritual doldrums for awhile. My prayer life, my scripture study, my excitement, all of it seemed stale. Then I connected the dots: I was surprised last night to learn something new about a woman I’ve known and been in a relationship with for 5 years, but God is infinitely more complex than she is!

Michelle is 23 years old. God is infinite. She has a wonderful, beautiful mind. God created it. She has a caring and loving spirit. God breathed it into her. She is absolutely gorgeous. God formed and shaped her while she was still in the womb.

How could I ever get bored in my relationship with God?! How could I ever think that God, or my relationship with Him, was old news, or was getting stale? It’s so exciting to me to learn something new about my wife, but at some point I will really know her as well as one human can know another. But that will never happen with God! There will always be more to learn and more to experience.

I’m a lot more fired up now about both of the two most important relationships in my life, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about them both.



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