Upcoming on PoG

Between the craziness and family visiting, I know I’ve been a little slack in posting this past week. That will change as soon as I can make it change. Here are some things you can be looking for in the coming days/weeks.

Christianese 101 – I’ve got two more explorations of the weird language we use in the Church in draft form. They should be done in the next week or so.

Thiefin’ Thursday – This week’s #TT is actually a very important public service announcement from the Easter Bunny. It is vital that you check back in on PoG this Thursday, April 1.

New Series! – Yesterday the sermon at our church revolved around the subject of worldview. It got me thinking, “If Jesus were living here and now, how would He view current events, debates, etc. So I’m starting a new series on PoG called “Worldview“. In it, I will attempt to use the words and deeds of Jesus, as recorded in scripture, to shed some light on how He might feel about various issues that are hotly debated or contested right now. And I’m going to tackle a big one right off the bat – the recent Healthcare Reform Act. So get your comment shoes on, it’s going to be fun!

Travel Journal – Next week Michelle and I are going to Connecticut to visit her oldest sister and her family. Neither of  us have ever been there, or to Boston, and we’ve both only been in New York City once. We’re doing all of that, so I should have some new experiences to write about.

Hopefully that will tide you over for a little while.



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