Upcoming on PoG – Week of April 4th

Michelle and I are leaving tomorrow evening to visit her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew in Connecticut. (We have three stay-at-home neighbors, one of whom is an ex-sherriff, so don’t bother putting us on pleaserobme.com). I intend to shut down and unplug as much as possible, so I’ve got a bevy of posts lined up and ready to go, so that you don’t have to do without your daily dose of Joe. (Oh, shut up! I can hear you yawning!). Anyways, here’s what you can look for next week.

Sunday (Easter) – I’ll probably crank out one more live post before we hit the road. It may or may not have something to do with it being Easter Sunday.

Monday – The next installment in the Christianese 101 series, “Love Offering”.

Tuesday – My review of the Oscar-nominated movie, “The Wrestler”.

Wednesday – “How an idea becomes a blog post”. It’s like my own little version of “I’m Just a Bill”, except you can’t circumvent the process with Reconciliation and a simply majority.

Thursday – Thiefin’ Thursday returns to Zinger Sandwich.

Friday – An interesting theological question I’ve been pondering lately. I’m excited to read your input on this one… That’s why I put it on Friday. I’ll have more opportunity to interact since we’re coming back into town on this day.

Saturday – The first post in my new Worldview series. I saved this one for Saturday so that my friend James would be in town hoping that my friend James would be in town, but he can’t make it. He and I usually have good political discussions, and since the topic of this first Worldview post is the Healthcare Reform Act, it’s it would have been perfect.

So… I hope that’s enough to convince you to check back in at PoG each day next week.



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