How an idea becomes a blog post

I thought it might be fun to give you a little peek at my writing process. Here are my initial scribblings for the new ‘Worldview’ series at PoG.

It usually starts with an idea for single post. In this case, the idea of one’s ‘worldview’ got brought up in a sermon a couple of Sundays ago at my church. It made me wonder exactly what Jesus’ view of some hot-button current issues would be. So I started scribbling down more issues to think through and drawing some connecting lines. The results should be fun.

Once I’ve got a framework for how I want the post/series to work, I start filling in the gaps – bits of interesting info, facts, applicable scripture, etc. Then I go back and try to make it more interesting, usually through humor.

Once I’ve got a full draft together, I usually sleep on it a day or two, then get Michelle to read it. She points out all the parts that I think are funny but no one else will, and then I take most of those out.

Once I’ve done my final revisions, I either post it or schedule it, depending on how much material I’ve got ready or close to ready to go. For instance, as I write this, I’ve got 7 or 8 good posts at least in draft form, so I’m scheduling them out over my week of vacation.

And that’s how the magic of PoG happens!



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