What God Taught Me Today – 5/4/10

I was doing some reading this morning and came across the following quote from Francis Schaeffer:

“…when we are surrounded by a world that grabs everything, we are to understand what Jesus means when He talks about denying ourselves that which is not rightfully ours.” (from Schaeffer’s book, True Spirituality).

I must admit that I’ve never read True Spirituality, so I can’t be sure exactly what Schaeffer meant by the above quote. For me this morning, it drew my mind back to the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, and Luke 9:23 – “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross (Luke adds the word ‘daily’) and follow me.”

So, putting the two together, the “that which is not rightfully ours” that Francis Schaeffer wrote about is actually ourselves – our whole lives, our gifts, loves, abilities, desires, emotions, successes, failures, and on and on.

We must realize that there is nothing in our lives, not a single part of who we are, that was not given to us as a gift from heaven. And once we realize that we ourselves are not our own, we can truly begin our pursuit of God.



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