Question of the Day

Every now and then as I’m reading, watching, learning, etc., about something I’ll think about a question that there’s probably not a right-or-wrong answer to. These types of questions generally fascinate me, because people’s answers often reveal a lot about them. So I think I’ll start posting some of those as the “Question of the Day” here on PoG.

Here’s the explanation, then the question:

In reading through 2 Samuel in my Bible reading plan, Michael and I came to the story of David and Bathsheba. As you will likely remember, David slept with Bathsheba, then tried to get her husband, Uriah the Hittite, to sleep with her to cover her illicit pregnancy. When Uriah wouldn’t do it, David arranged for him to be hung out to dry and killed in battle. Reading through it this time, I got the impression that Uriah wasn’t anyone very special, just an infantry grunt that had a hott wife and got caught up in the king’s wanton desires. Then today we read 2 Samuel 23, where it lists ‘David’s Mighty Men’. These guys were seriously amazing warriors with crazy feats of strength, will, prowess, and daring under their collective belts. They were the best. The cream of the crop. They were with David all the time, his closest allies, and probably his closest friends, too. And “Uriah the Hittite” is listed as one of them…

So David either betrayed one of his best warriors and closest friends, or some nameless, faceless infantry grunt who was probably too insignificant to really matter in David’s eyes.

The question is, which is worse, in your opinion? To believe yourself to be sufficiently lofty and important that the rights and marriage of a lowly peon don’t matter to you, or to have betrayed a close and trusted ally/friend in order to steal his wife? Pompous, wanton wife-grabbing, or betrayal of a friend?



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