#tt (Thiefin’ Thursday)

Today, we’re thiefin’ from the future!

Here’s what you can expect to see in the next couple of weeks or so from the Pursuit of God blog.

  • This afternoon or tomorrow, I will be posting one or two recent additions to the “thoughts on racial issues” series. If you haven’t seen it, ABC has been running segments (during 20/20, I think) called “What Would You Do?”. Several of these have dealt with racial issues, and they really help illuminate the fact that racism still exists everywhere in America, and not just in the South.
  • I have wanted to write a post for awhile about the current state of the Christian music. I’ll go ahead and spoil my position on the matter – most of the music that’s currently in the “Christian top 40” puts me to sleep. I have a strong hypothesis as to why, and tomorrow (5/21) I will be taking the plunge and putting my hypothesis to the test. How, you ask? Two ways: 1) I’m going to do quite a bit of research into the “Top 40”, according to Billboard, in both the “Christian songs” and “Radio songs” categories, and 2) I am going to willingly sacrifice any possibility of enjoying my day tomorrow by listening to 4 solid hours of radio – 2 hours on 100.9, Charleston’s Christian Top 40 station, and 2 hours on 95.1, Charleston’s secular Top 40 station. Pray for me, as there is not much in this world that I can’t stand worse than live radio. I’ll be collecting data, and as soon as I can process it and write the post, it’ll go live. Look for that sometime next week.
  • This coming Sunday the worship service at our church is going to be focused on evangelism. The one single thing that I think most local churches fail to do well is evangelism, making disciples, living out our faith in our communities, truly understanding worship, and having true fellowship with one another. So I’ve got a post all done and ready to go live at 1PM on Sunday. It’s my personal philosophy on evangelism (scripturally based, of course), and I apologize in advance if it’s repetitious after hearing the sermon. I don’t know exactly what David’s going to say, so we might end up saying the same thing. Also, I’m declaring officially that next week is Evangelism Week on PoG. The post on Sunday will be followed by four others throughout the week, in which I will share four of my own stories. If you would like to contribute to Evangelism Week, write out your story and email it to us at pofgblog[at]me[dot]com.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the ‘Worldview’ or ‘Christianese 101’ series. I’ve got about 15 Worldview posts in draft, and a couple of Christianese 101 posts as well. They’re coming, but I just wanted to focus on other things first.



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