#tt (Thiefin’ Thursday) – Why I Hate the NBA

Ah, back to the grind… The good kind of grind, where you get into a routine that is both healthy and productive, and not the bad kind where your bones and joints literally and figuratively rub against each other painfully.

Today’s Thiefin’ Thursday is a spoof of a prime example of why I hate the NBA. In case you don’t have ears, or weren’t near anyone with a mouth a couple of weeks ago, the NBA finals ended with the LA Lakers defeating the Boston Celtics. Hooray. And by ‘hooray’ I mean, “Hallelujah, the NBA season is finally over!”

Then along comes the LeBron James free agency period… Now not only am I forced to listen to news stories about pro basketball (normally after the NBA finals, they take almost a month off before the preseason starts…), but tonight LeBron will have his own press-conference special where he will announce which team will be paying him exorbitant amounts of money to sell t-shirts and tickets for them for the next few years.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. And I’m glad that one of my favorite bloggers, Bryan Allain, feels the same way. He posted this little beauty this morning.

The reasons I dislike the NBA are too many and varied to discuss in a #tt post, but here is the short-list of why I dislike LeBron right now:

  • He has been quoted as saying that his ultimate goal in life is to be the richest man in the world.
  • He promised the city of Cleveland a championship, and is probably going to break that promise by leaving the Cavaliers for a better-paying gig
  • He has shown himself to be a bad sport, storming off the court without congratulating the opposing team after losses.
  • His ego has now reached, and even surpassed, A-Rod status. LeBron now apparently believes that he is the single most important person in the sports world. He may be right, but the fact that he acknowledges and embraces and advertises it makes him a wiener.



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