#tt (Thiefin’ Thursday) – I can’t decide if this is funny or just sad

Today I am reminded of some of the most meaningful song lyrics I have ever come across. They have served to remind me to stay on topic many a time when I have felt the urge to post a mean-spirited rant.

The lyrics come from a song titled ‘The Kingdom’ by a group called Lost and Found.

God’s own people close the door

The loud and the angry take the floor

We see what you fear

But what are you for?

I was forcibly reminded of these lyrics this morning when I came across this video on YouTube. It is one of probably hundreds blasting Rick Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Church in California. The video is poorly and dramatically made, which makes it funny to me (awesomely bad would be more fitting). But overall it just makes me sad to see someone within the Church lash out at a fellow believer in such a vicious way.

Peace. – I end almost all my blog posts with the word ‘Peace’, and I hope you know that I really mean it. Believers are supposed to be united and at peace with one another. When we produce videos like the one I linked to in this post, all it does is diminish our ability to fulfill our calling as God’s Church.

So, again, peace.


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