It’s raining very hard right now…

There’s thunder and lightning, too…

The sky is darkened, the wind is howling, and the rain is pouring…

It’s the type of rain where you feel like if you step outside and breathe in too deeply you’ll drown…

It’s the type of storm that makes dogs tremble and hide under the bed…

It’s a little bit dangerous… But it’s also absolutely beautiful…

It’s the type of storm that makes me love thunderstorms all that much more…

It’s times like these when I just can’t fathom how someone could disbelieve the existence of God…

I can’t imagine how anyone could witness the lights and the sound and the beauty and the raw power of a severe thunderstorm and think that there is not an all-powerful Being in command of it all.

I imagine it was this kind of thunderstorm, or maybe even a worse one, that Jesus and the disciples got into on the Sea of Galilee. Some of the disciples were fishermen, so a normal storm wouldn’t have bothered them, probably. But this one did. They were terrified and woke Jesus up just to help bail water.

And in the midst of a mighty thunderstorm at sea, in the midst of God’s power on display through the wind and rain and lightning and thunder, Jesus showed power over those things. He simply said, “Peace. Be still,” and it was so.

We serve a mighty and powerful and, in the truest sense of the word, awesome God. He commands the power to destroy everything in existence. But He also commands the power to save us when we’re caught in a storm at sea.



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