I Still Have So Far to Go…

I am humbled this morning.

Back in July, Donald Miller announced a contest for free entry to his Living a Better Story Seminar in September. The seminar is based off his book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. All people had to do was write a blog post about their story, the kind of story they want to live, and how they thought the Seminar would help them achieve that.

I entered, and you can read my entry here, if you want. Honestly, after rereading it I’m a little underwhelmed. It’s not my best piece of writing, for sure, but my discontent with it this morning goes even deeper.

Today Donald Miller announced the winner of the contest. Her name is Lori Ventola, and she is absolutely amazing. You can read her entry into Donald Miller’s contest here. Her entry humbles me as a writer (because hers is much better written than mine), but more importantly it humbles me as a person.

If you just read my entry, then Lori’s, the biggest difference you might notice is that mine is almost entirely focused on myself, while hers is almost entirely focused on the people she wants to help. If you were really paying attention while reading Lori’s entry, you will have noticed a link to her Shrink-A-Thon – she has even managed to turn losing weight and getting healthy into a fund-raiser for her vision. Simply amazing.

God, make me more like Lori. Grow me into the type of person who values other people more than I value myself. Show me where you are calling me to work and to make a difference in Your world, and enable me to do so without consideration for my own comfort or gain. Amen.



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