#tt (Topic Tuesday) – My Favorite Season

Time for another installment of Topic Tuesday, where I try to make myself a better writer by actually practicing writing. Today’s topic comes courtesy of The Imagination Prompt Generator – ‘My favorite season…’

Now the reality is that this prompt is ambiguous. It’s not very specific. I suppose that is to be expected from a prompt designed to generate creativity in a writer, but the fact still remains… I’ll just have to give you a list of my favorite seasons, and you can decide which one you think the prompt is referring to.

Autumn – Autumn is my favorite season for several reasons. For starters, sports. You have baseball pennant races, then baseball posteason, regular season pro football, college football, and (best of all for me) no basketball. I don’t really like basketball… Another reason I love autumn is that the weather changes. Where I live, summers are hot and humid. This past one was particularly miserable. I love the first twinges of cold weather – pulling my jeans out of the closet, wearing jackets and sweaters… It’s so nice after 5 straight months of 85+ degree temperatures and brutal humidity.

Season 6 of the X-Files – Season 6 of the X-Files is my all-time favorite season of a television show. It features probably half of my top 10 X-Files episodes – “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”, where Mulder and Scully investigate a house haunted by two lovers who killed each other in a lovers’ pact; ‘the Unnatural’, which combines one of my all-time favorite tv shows with my all-time favorite sport, baseball; “Triangle”, the episode where Mulder goes in search of a ghost ship in the Bermuda Triangle and ends up eluding Nazis in 1939 aboard the Queen Anne; “Terms of Endearment”, the episode with Bruce Campbell where he keeps having little devil babies but all he wants is a normal child, but one of the women he has impregnated keeps having normal children, but only wants a little devil baby; “Dreamland” and “Dreamland II”, the two part storyline where Mulder and an Area-51 employee named Morris Fletcher switch bodies; and “Drive”, the episode where Bryan Cranston has to drive west or his head will explode.

Lowry’s – My favorite season to put on food is Lowry’s seasoned salt. It is infinitely better than any other seasoned salt on the market, and also infinitely better than any other Lowry’s product…

Major League Baseball – My favorite season in sports is the Major League Baseball season. Baseball detractors whine that the season is just too long, and that the teams play too many games, for it to stay interesting. Interestingly, many of these same people are fans of NBA basketball. FYI, the NBA season is longer than the MLB season, and they only play half as many games. Hmmm… But I digress… Baseball is the greatest game in existence. It is the ultimate combination of having to rely on your team combined with individual accomplishment (after all, it’s the individual numbers we idolize – Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak, Pete Rose’s 4,256 hits, Hank Aaron’s 755 homeruns (that’s right, I do not recognize Barry* Bonds* as baseball’s home run king)). Baseball is also home to some of Sport’s greatest rivalries, most notably the Red Sox v. the Yankees.

Learning and Growth – The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a season for everything, and a time for every purpose under the sun. Season of joy in life are always wonderful and welcome, but they are usually fleeting, only meant as a respite between other seasons. Season of anger/frustration/disappointment/etc. are awful to experience. However, they often yield, if we will allow it, to a season of learning and growth. It is after life’s biggest disappointments, frustrations, and failures that we have the opportunity to learn. When we do, we are able to proceed forward wiser and more experienced. And honestly, which wise person do you know who doesn’t enjoy life more than the foolish ones? So, all that being said, my favorite seasons in life are the ones where I feel like I am actually learning how to be a better person, or how to go through life in a better way.

Okay, so that’s that. Decide for yourself which ‘season’ the prompt was talking about. What is your favorite season?



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