Random Randomness

-This week I turned pro as a writer, at least by the definition Steven Pressfield puts forth in his book The War of Art. In case you’re wondering, this simply means that I’m beginning to treat my writing as real work, something to be disciplined at. Only time will tell if I have a long writing career ahead of me, or if it goes the way of Eric Crouch‘s football career (i.e. brief, unfocused, and mostly in Canada).

-Lately I’ve been diving back into a couple of music genres that I had sort of moved away from for several years – Classical and Jazz. Now before you laugh, let me just tell you that I’m pretty sure that I’m happier, smarter, healthier, and better-looking than I was a couple of months ago. Can you say that that? Hmmm?! Granted, I can’t say for sure that it’s the music, but I’ll go with it until I’ve got something better…

-Despite classical and jazz music making me healthier, I am predicting that I will have a heart-attack within the next month or so. The ultimate cause will be one of three things: the Atlanta Braves trying to stay on top in the NL Wild Card race, the Atlanta Falcons trying to win a game in regulation, or our kitten Pete. As of this morning, my money’s on Pete…

-It finally feels like the south’s ‘Summer in Hell’ is over. Finally… This week we have high temperatures that are only in the upper-70s and low-80s for the first time since probably March. And I even saw a forecast for a few days from now where the overnight low temperatures started with this strange number that looks like this – “5”. Does anyone know what that means?



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