Topic Tuesday – Selective Blindness

Time for another Topic Tuesday, where I discipline myself to write about a given topic, and then post the results here on PoG. Today’s topic is “Write about what type of ‘selective blindness’ you’d like to have (an inability to see something in particular).”

There are a lot of answers to this prompt floating around in my head. Some of them are really altruistic, like, “I’d want to be blind to all the injustice and poverty in the world.” Or maybe, “I would want to be blind to illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s.” Ooh, or, “Blindness to human trafficking.” Yeah, that would make God happy…

The honest truth, though, is that if I could go through my life and have one thing that I would never ever have to see again, I would probably choose reality television. And maybe not all reality television, but just the really dumb stuff. In fact, let me make a list of maybe my top 3 good shows that I would keep and the top 3 bad ones that I would gladly throw into an active volcano.

The Good

1. The Biggest Loser – I was initially extremely skeptical of this show. I’m leery of shows that speak a message of “you have to be thin and in shape to be really valuable”. As I ever-so-slowly got sucked in, I realized that Jillian and Bob genuinely do care about these people, genuinely do want to see them get healthy for their own sake, and not just for a reality game show. The life-change the contestants go through is much deeper than just losing weight. Even the ones who leave the show early are deeply changed by the experience.

2. Undercover Boss – Corporate big-wigs go back to the mailroom, the factory floor, or the fry-cooker and experience a little of what life is like for their employees on the bottom of the totem pole? Great. Corporate big-wigs learning valuable lessons about those workers’ dignity, intelligence, and value, then sharing those lessons with America? Awesome.

3. American Idol – Admittedly AI is going to start this season on a very short leash for me. I thought last year’s judges panel was the best ever. Paula Abdul’s rambling, nonsensical evaluations were finally gone. Simon and Kara DioGuardi gave the best (in my opinion) criticism, Randy was his usual self, and Ellen DeGeneres added a great ear and comedic presence to the show. This year…? Jennifer Lopez has always annoyed me. And, as much as I love Steven Tyler as the frontman of Aerosmith, I can’t really picture him as an AI judge. On top of that, since Randy is the only judge who’s done this before, he’s probably going to be the go-to guy, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The Bad

1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette – Bottom line: I’m sick of this crap. Nothing at all about these shows are real. Out of how many seasons of these two shows, how many of these couples are still together? One, Ryan and Trista? Fake romance, meaningless words and affection, meaningless marriage proposals, fame-seeking morons (I’m looking at you, Jake and Vienna)… I’ll pass.

2. America’s Next Top Model – Let’s move right on past the fact that I think Tyra Banks and everyone else who hosts/judges that show are some of the most annoying people I have ever seen on tv… A reality show meant to select the next great supermodel? Two of the most annoying and useless things I can think of…

3. Jersey Shore/The Hills/The Simple Life – These three, and any other shows that follow spoiled, rich, idiots as they try to make America like them and think they’re important, make me want to vomit.

So there you have it… If I could go the rest of my life and never have to see the meaningless drivel that is most reality television, I would be happier for it.

What about you? What would you choose if you could make yourself blind to one thing for the rest of your life?


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