A Meditation on God’s Power

Watch the following video of a researcher/daredevil at the mouth of an active volcano.

Now think about the fact that the churning and boiling lava you’re seeing in this video is liquid rock. Have you ever tried to set a rock on fire? Maybe it’s just the boy in me, but I have. Rocks don’t burn. But in the world that God created, there are forces so intense that they can not only make rocks burn, but that can actually turn rocks into liquid magma, churning and roiling under the earth, from time to time exploding onto the surface. And the reality is that God is in control of these forces. How awesome is his power?

And notice something else – isn’t it kind of beautiful, even while it is awesome and scary? Perhaps this can help us understand how we can be in awe of God, fear him even, even while finding him beautiful.



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