What an Amazing Story!

Holy cow! Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 70 days, then you’ve definitely heard about the 33 men who have been trapped inside a collapsed mine in Chile for that span of time. That story is hopefully coming to a good conclusion sometime within the next 24-36 hours, as the men are finally being rescued.

This is such a cool story, I almost can’t make a complete coherent thought about it… CNN is covering the whole thing live on their website. You should definitely check in throughout the day.

What I am loving most about this, though, is the amazing way that this is being handled by onlookers and rescuers in Chile, by the media, and by the miners themselves. “Camp Hope,” as the tent village around the rescue site has been dubbed, has the atmosphere of a sporting event. Here’s a video on CNN.com where at least one guy watching for the first rescue even has a vuvuzela! And here’s a link to some video CNN put together of the first few rescues. Unfortunately, the people at CNN are being punks and have disabled embedding for this video, so you’ll have to click the link and watch it on YouTube.

Did you watch it? Isn’t it awesome?! By the way, the white-haired gentleman that hugs the rescued miner, then participates in the crowd chant – that is apparently Chile’s president. How cool is that?!

I think today is going to be one where I don’t get much of anything done. I’m going to be watching this all day. This is such a cool story!!

And, if you’re super-into a possible spiritual take from this story, just meditate on stuff like being lost then found, being trapped then freed, being buried under the earth then raised again, being reunited with long lost loved ones, stuff like that… As for me, I’ll meditate on that stuff, but mostly I’ll just be glued to the video feed on my computer, playing the vuvuzela app on my phone every time one of these guys makes it back to safety.



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