‘Leap Year’ – 1 Cannarf

It seems like every couple of months I can’t escape my wife’s picks on our Netflix queue. Last time it was “Twilight: New Moon” (which ended up being 5 Cannarfs, for me). This past week, it was “Leap Year”, the Amy Adams romantic comedy from January of this year. Here’s the rundown:

The Story:

Anna Brady (Amy Adams) is a successful apartment stager who lacks nothing in life except the one thing she has always wanted – to be engaged and get married. Her successful heart-surgeon boyfriend, Jeremy, is dragging his feet (they’ve been dating for 4 years). When he goes off to a medical conference in Dublin, Ireland, she decides to follow him there and propose to him on February 29, following an old Irish custom that her father always told her about.

Forces conspire to prevent her from getting to Dublin, and she is forced to enlist the help of Declan, a surly restaurant owner in Dingle who is about to lose his restaurant to debt. They embark on a two-day journey to Dublin that is filled with mishaps and opportunities for them to get to know one another.

When they arrive in Dublin, Jeremy proposes to Anna and she accepts, much to the chagrin of Declan, who is beginning to fall for her. But everything is not alright with Anna and Jeremy. When they arrive back in Boston, Jeremy reveals at a dinner party that he only really thought about proposing because the managers at the apartments they wanted to move into have a traditional viewpoint on unmarried couples living together.

Naturally, Anna is hurt and distraught at this news. She leaves Jeremy and returns to Dingle to seek out Declan. She finds him, they converse briefly, and then he proposes. Then they apparently live happily ever after.

The Good:

-Ireland is gorgeous. The settings and visuals were fantastic. Also, the accents were fantastic.

-The filmmakers didn’t feel obliged to include the obligatory sex scene in Leap Year. Nice to see someone focus on the story instead of the fluff.

-I liked that Anna wasn’t satisfied with Jeremy just ‘getting it done’ in the proposal department. She wanted something more authentic and meaningful.

-The story had a nice ending. That’s always good.

The Bad:

-It was predictable. 5 minutes into the movie, I turned to Michelle and said, “So obviously she’s going to fall in love with the simple Irishman and dump her self-absorbed, arrogant, thoughtless, rich boyfriend.” That’s what happened.

-I found out that this film was actually an independent film, which partly explains this, but it felt like an Amy Adams showcase. John Lithgow was in the movie for about 2.5 minutes, and other than that there was no one that most Americans would recognize in this film except Adams. And, unfortunately, she’s just not the caliber actress that can really pull off a film like this without some cast help (much like Catherine Heigl, in my opinion).

The Bottom Line:

1 Cannarf

Don’t remember what a Cannarf is? It’s a totally subjective movie/book/tv rating system where you judge how good or bad a film is in relation to how good or bad you thought it would be. In this case, I expected Leap Year to be sorta funny, slightly feel-good, and end with the girl and the guy getting married and living happily ever after. And that’s exactly what happened.




  1. Just dropped in to see what you did as recommended by the guy sitting just above me. Anybody who uses Bryan’s cannarf system is worth reading, so I’ll be back!


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