Topic Tuesday – My 10 Favorite Words

Time for another installment of Topic Tuesday, where I discipline myself to write about a given topic from one of the prompt generators I use. Today’s topic – My 10 Favorite Words. Here we go…

“Play Ball!” – As a sports fan, there’s not much that gets me more excited than the start of baseball season. I truly love the game, and the start of each new season is filled with so much promise and potential. Just ask any Cubs fan; no matter how bad last year was, this year could always be ‘the year’.

“I love you” – These are possibly the three most over-used words in the English language. They certainly don’t carry as much meaning and weight as they used to. Honestly, I tell my pets that I love them about as frequently as I tell my wife. Still, though, hearing those words spoken by someone that you know genuinely does love you in a meaningful way is always heart-warming, comforting, reassuring, and uplifting.

“Amazon Gift Card” – These words never fail to excite my imagination. They inevitably lead to about a dozen trains of thought jostling for position in my mind. Do I want to spend this gift card on new fiction to read? Maybe something theological? What if I continued exploring graphic novels? Who was that author my friend was telling me about? Maybe I could learn how to…? The possibilities are, unfortunately, always more endless than the currency on the gift card… Interestingly, though, I always use these cards on books, and never on the million other things that Amazon sells.

“Let’s go” – I’m not the type of person who usually has a hard time making a decision. People sometimes think I am that type of person (and who knows, maybe they’re right…), but I just think that I like to think through everything before I make a decision. I don’t often succeed at thinking everything through, but I like to try. I just want to feel like I’m making the best decision possible. Of course, I’m talking about really important decisions, not simple stuff like where to eat lunch. But regardless of the import of the decision, it’s always a nice feeling to have made the decision and take the first step towards carrying the decision out. The point where action starts is a lot like the first pitch of the baseball season – full of potential, excitement, promise.

What are your 10 favorite words?



One comment

  1. Adkins – Most people that know me well call me by this moniker only and I love that. Heightened sense of intimacy when I hear someone call to or refer to me as just Adkins.

    I disagree – Call me crazy, but I love it when people disagree with something that I say. It always provides the opportunity for discussion. Sometimes I prove that I am right, other times I learn of my misunderstanding or mistake. Win-win. (Plus I love arguing…at least with intelligent people.)

    I miss(ed) you – Its just nice knowing that I am wanted somewhere that I am not.

    I’ve got it – Not in the “Im going to catch this fly ball” sense of the phrase, but in the “Im paying for this” sense of the phrase. Im not saying I love mooching, but when someone offers to pay unexpectedly for something (a meal, for instance) it is supremely flattering.

    Thanks – Always nice being appreciated or having done something that warranted appreciation.


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