The Pursuit of God (blog) is One Year Old!

If you look through the archives here at the Pursuit of God, you’ll notice that the first post went live on November  9, 2009. And so, if you looked through the archives, you might be confused as to why I am celebrating this blog’s birthday today. Have I lost my ability to read a calendar? Am I losing touch with reality? Do I only have 6 months to live?

Nothing quite so dramatic as that. The fact is that I actually started this blog over on, then migrated it to a few weeks in. As a special birthday present for myself, for PoG, and for my readers (both of you!), here is a link to the very first post I ever wrote on the blog that eventually became this one. It’s interesting reading back over that first post, because the blog has sort of shaped up exactly how I hoped it would. Interesting how that works out, isn’t it…?

Here’s the link to the first-ever post on this blog, back when it was called ‘???’.



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