Getting to Know You

I’m running behind on things, so no substantive post today. Instead, let’s do some community building. Let’s get to know one another a little better.

1) What is your full name?

2) What is your quest?* Or, if you prefer, what is your biggest goal right now?

3) Describe your typical sense of humor using one word with 2 or fewer hyphens.

* +100 cool points if you got this movie reference


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  1. I’ll get the ball rolling…

    1) Joseph Preston Robinson

    2) Right now my biggest goal is to safely and sanely navigate the holiday season. Ministry is crazy sometimes!

    3) slightly-off-center


  2. 1) Michael Edward Adkins.

    2) A) Quest For the Holy Grail (YAY for +100 cool points!)
    B) To become debt free.

    3) Quick-wit-sarcasm.

    Also: You need to answer these yourself, my friend.


  3. Okay, I see where you’ve answered now. My badskies.


  4. 1) Tyler Daniel Tarver the 1st
    2) Blue, no yel-
    3) It’s similar to the, crap, the hyphens, put these in there – – – – – – -, sweet, morse code.


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