Getting to Know You

I’m running behind on things, so no substantive post today. Instead, let’s do some community building. Let’s get to know one another a little better.

1) What is your full name?

2) What is your quest?* Or, if you prefer, what is your biggest goal right now?

3) Describe your typical sense of humor using one word with 2 or fewer hyphens.

* +100 cool points if you got this movie reference



  1. I’ll get the ball rolling…

    1) Joseph Preston Robinson

    2) Right now my biggest goal is to safely and sanely navigate the holiday season. Ministry is crazy sometimes!

    3) slightly-off-center


  2. 1) Michael Edward Adkins.

    2) A) Quest For the Holy Grail (YAY for +100 cool points!)
    B) To become debt free.

    3) Quick-wit-sarcasm.

    Also: You need to answer these yourself, my friend.


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