Random Randomness

Whew! I’m back on the blogging wagon after a whirlwind few days visiting family in Georgia. Here are some random thoughts.

-For starters, sorry about not posting anything last Friday. One of my new blogging year’s resolutions was to post something Monday thru Friday each week. Again, my apologies for nothing new on Friday.

-The reason I didn’t post anything Friday is because I was in the Atlanta area visiting family. Part of that visit was going to the Falcons game on Thursday night. I didn’t get home and in bed until almost 3 AM. After getting up the next morning and putzing around a little bit, it was time to be off to my niece’s school to have birthday lunch with her. Then my wife and I drove around to some of our old haunts for memory’s sake. By then it was time for birthday dinner with the family, and the day was lost… Well, it was lost for blogging. That day itself was awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

-An interesting note on Thursday night’s game: it was my first-ever NFL game. If you’ve never been to an NFL game, then let me just tell you straight up that an NFL game is like a zoo for people-watchers.

-Speaking of people, look for a “5 People You Meet…” post later this week featuring some of the personalities from that experience…




  1. […] As I wrote on Monday, an NFL game is like a zoo for people watchers. The entire experience – from standing in line to get into the stadium, finding our seats, the people sitting around us, the public transportation ride back to our car – was like a cross section of crazy in America. Here are 5 of the people I met at my first NFL game ever. […]


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