She Hummed During Communion…

She hummed during communion this past Sunday, and it distracted me.

At our church, a lady usually plays an old hymn on the piano while some men pass out communion to everybody. A little background mood music, if you want to think of it that way.

Normally I have pretty amazing powers of concentration, and I don’t have much trouble focusing. There are times when I’m really focused on something where my wife will ask me a question or tell me something important, and I literally don’t hear her. You can just ask her if you don’t believe me.

But she was humming during communion Sunday, and I couldn’t stop myself from listening to her.

Normally I’m sort of picky about pitch, rhythm, melody, and other musical things like that. My wife has seen me literally cringe during a bad performance. I grip the armrests and shift uncomfortably… I have a hard time watching American Idol sometimes. When someone’s totally blowing it, I kinda feel bad for them, but I also just feel kinda bad. My teeth itch, and I start to sweat…

She hummed along during communion, and her pitch and everything wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t really great, either. I still couldn’t wrench my mind away from her and back to focusing on how Jesus died for my sins.

The fact is that she hummed along with the communion hymn out of sheer joy. Her heart was pure and sincere. She wasn’t trying to impress anyone. She was simply expressing her joy through music in the best way she knew how at that moment.

My wife Michelle hummed along with the communion hymn this past Sunday, and it may have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.



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