Getting to Know You… More…

Periodically, I like to get to know my readers a little bit better. Last time we did this, two of you ended up +100 cool points, so this isn’t just for show here, people… Let’s get to know one another a little better…

1) What one item (other than a boat, helicopter, satellite phone, etc.) would you want with you on a desert island?

2) What kind of music are you into most right now?

3) Kate Gosselin is on the Today Show this morning, so let’s set the record straight: are you with Team Kate or Team Jon?*


*This is a trick question. Do not answer it. Doing so would put you on an even lower level than those who actually take sides in the Team Edward v. Team Jacob rivalry.



  1. 1) Assuming the island has wifi, my laptop. Not necessarily for communication, either. More for Hulu and Netflix… If the island doesn’t have wifi, then I’d want my guitar.

    2) Aside from Christmas music this time of year, I’ve really been loving the artsy singer-songwriter stuff lately. In the last couple of weeks I’ve picked up John Mark McMillan and Sufjan Stevens.



  2. 1)A journal. That way I could keep up with days and what goes on. Then IF I’m rescued, I can publish it and be rich.

    2)the pop/punk genre has finally gotten something to be happy about for the first time in a while. I’ve been listening to the new My Chemical Romance and The Wonder Years a lot. (and Taylor Swift)

    3)Team Edward… Oh wait, it wasn’t twilight.


  3. 1) Here ya’ go:

    2) Well, it’s Christmas, so that means Harry Connick Jr.’s When My Heart Finds Christmas. Plus the stuff that I’m practicing for church and for the Christmas parties our cover band is playing. Outside of THAT, check out The Paper Raincoat. They. Are. Awesome.

    3) I can proudly say that I have never watched the show. Ever. So I totally rock.


  4. 1) I would want a friend. I am a big talker and I would hate to have to talk to a soccer ball. They would also come in handy when trying to build a hut. 4 hands are always better than 2.

    2) So yeah…Christmas, but since everyone has that answer, I will say the 70’s and 80’s. I am really enjoying the stuff from when I was younger.

    3) I am team kids. I think Kate and Jon are both fakes and I have a hard time listening to Kate claim to be greater than thou. I just feel for the kids. They are all so cute and sweet….well, with the exception of Madi (one of the twins) who is a huge brat. So yeah….team kids!


  5. 1) I might be cheating when I say this, but Ive been interested in survival methodology for years so I have what is commonly referred to as a “kit” which contains everything from waterproof matches to water purification tablets and beyond…all in a 2oz tobacco tin! If that is cheating I would not hesitate to answer my knife – also a very important survival tool. (PS: LOVE TeeJay’s answer!)

    2) Pretty much the whole rock genre…Ive always been that way. If I have to be more specific I guess I would say progressive rock?

    3) Ive never seen the show! Though if I had to pick I’d choose whoever decided to turn their life into reality tv…you KNOW that dude is loaded.


  6. 1) hmmm…I know it’s cheesy, but my Bible. The one my sister gave me when I became a Christian. It was my first flippant answer, but after thinking about it, I’m not sure what else I’d want. But second place? A piano–that miraculously stays in tune on a desert island.

    2) Modern folk. Like Charlotte Kendrick and such. LOVE the stuff. And anything by Jadon Lavik.

    3) I’m with Carrie, but I’ve never seen the show.


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