More On People With No Life

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Bristol Palin, Dancing with the Stars, and people with no life. Huge thanks to the website The Smoking Gun for actually filing a Freedom of Information Act request for these complaints. The links below will take you to scans of actual complaints filed with the FCC about this season of Dancing with the Stars. These are the people I was writing about who have no life…

  • Complaint alleging that ABC invited Bristol Palin to be on the show “knowing that the GOP/Tea Party would rig the vote.”
  • FCC call log where a woman complained about one of the judges hugging Bristol Palin.
  • Another FCC call log where a woman complained because she didn’t like how the vote turned out.
  • Another FCC call log where someone was upset because Brandy got kicked off the show.
  • Criminal complaint against a Wisconsin man who got drunk, watched DWTS, shot his tv with a shotgun, then got into a 15 hour standoff with police.
  • FCC complaint alleging that Dancing with the Stars “is encouraging and promoting teen pregnancy by allowing Bristol Palin to compete for the trophy.”

Please allow me to say, just once more, that if a reality dancing competition featuring washed up celebrities, athletes, and personalities is this important to you, then you desperately need to find something important to devote your life to.

Let’s show a little common sense, people.



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