Random Randomness

Time for some more random thoughts I’ve been thinking lately.

-For some reason, I have always felt almost compelled to eat certain foods in a particular order. Skittles: yellow, green, orange, purple, red. Starburst: yellow, orange, pink, red. Trail Mix: half peanuts, whole peanuts, raisins, m&m’s… I could go on and on. I guess it’s just an OCD thing?

-Speaking of OCD things that I do, when I’m eating I also usually take a bite, then split it roughly in half and chew equal parts on either side of my mouth. Is that weird?

-I really need to shake up my routine right now. You know how sometimes you just get into a major rut? And maybe it wasn’t even such a bad rut to begin with, but now it feels like you’re just all off kilter? That’s where I am in a lot of ways right now. Any ideas on how to make it happen?

-Speaking of changing things up, the New Year is approaching. It’s the time when people make resolutions for things they want to change in the coming year. The reality is, though, that most people are terrible at keeping their New Year’s resolutions. Me? I’m fantastic at it. I, along with a great friend from my youth group, made a resolution in 7th grade to never ever make any more New Year’s resolutions. This will be my 14th year on the no-resolution wagon.

-I should clarify that I do evaluate myself and my life and determine to make changes every now and then. See the bit two points above this one… I just don’t schedule them to coincide with the start of a new calendar year. For instance, last year I decided I was going to read the whole Bible in a year. My start date? December 28th. I did that just to spite January 1st. And, also, because I just didn’t want to give myself four long days to make excuses and reason myself out of doing it.

-Speaking of reading through the whole Bible in a year, as soon as I get caught up again (I’m like 2 weeks behind for probably the 4th time this year…) I’ll be two weeks from finishing! Technically, when I finished the Old Testament, I had officially read the entire thing, since I read the whole New Testament when I was in high school. But I will definitely have a great sense of accomplishment in having read the entire Bible in one calendar year.

What about you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you do, do you keep them?



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