Getting to Know You… Even More…

Every now and then, I like to ask you a few questions in order to get to know you better. Who knows, you might end up +100 cool points. Let’s build some community!

1) Toilet paper: over the top or around the back?

2) Sci-Fi Geeks*: Original Battlestar Galactica or New Battlestar Galactica?

3) Cheerleading: sport or not a sport, and why?

*Guilty as charged.



  1. I’ll get the ball rolling…

    1) Over the top. Always. No exceptions.

    2) New Battlestar Galactica. And I’ve seen the old one, almost every episode. Great show, for its time, but it doesn’t hold up very well.

    3) Not a sport. I define a sport as “an athletic competition between two teams or individuals with a clear winner and a clear loser.” Baseball – sport. Football – sport. Cheerleading – not a sport. Golf – (though it pains me…) not a sport.


  2. . Does it effing matter? I don’t mind reaching another two inches for TP, and as it gets used, that distance gets smaller.

    2. Eh, neither has anything on Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect or the Elder Scrolls.

    3. Depends. At football games, no. At competition, yes.


    • Michael, I’m giving you +25 cool points just for being you, man. I hadn’t even considered video games in the sci-fi geekdom question. Truly, your sci-fi kung fu is better than mine…


  3. 1) Over the top, my friend.

    2) I am behind on the BSG phenomenon, so I regrettably cannot cast my vote for one or the other as Im just now starting in on the new stuff.

    3) Not sure how your definition of sport excludes golf. I think that cheerleading CAN be a sport but is not always so. Cheerleading at a high school sporting event? No. Cheerleading at the national level? I can see that.


    • I should have been more clear… A majority of pro golf tournaments are excluded in my definition because they are stroke-play events, where players play four rounds and the person with the lowest score wins, but there are many, many losers . However, golf does fit my definition when it is a match play event, where players go head to head in each round, where each match has a clear winner and a clear loser.


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