I Told You So.

Rich Rodriguez got fired as the University of Michigan’s head football coach this week. When he went there, he was as hot a commodity as anyone had been in a long time in college football. He had taken the football program at the University of West Virginia (West Virginia!!) from the depths to great heights, he had a flashy and modern style of coaching, and a (some would say) great personality. Everyone seemed to think his hiring would usher in a golden age of Michigan football where they won a national championship every other year and saved the state of Michigan from having to ask Illinois if they could be roommates for awhile to save money…

I didn’t. And I was right. I told you so.

I’m really not that big on saying, “I told you so!” but sometimes you just have to. Here are a couple of other things from the last several years that I was right about.

Myspace v. Facebook

Early in my ministry here I had a conversation with a student who was big into Myspace. I don’t have the exact numbers, but at the time Myspace and Facebook were roughly the same size in terms of membership and internet activity. There was a lot of debate about which was better, which one would win out, etc. This student told me, in no uncertain terms that she thought Facebook was stupid, that it would never catch on like Myspace, and that it would certainly never replace Myspace as a social network. Out of the hundreds of articles written about the decline of Myspace, I’ll reference just this one. I told you so!

“Big Name” College Quarterbacks

There have been three stupidly, ridiculously over-hyped college quarterbacks in the last several years that the “experts” swore up and down would be the next wave of hall-of-fame-caliber quarterbacks to play in the NFL. Here are their names along with what they are most remembered for (so far… these guys are all still pretty young, and stranger things have happened…).

I told you so!

Satellite Radio

I seriously remember having a heated discussion during my freshman year of college (’02-’03) with a friend about satellite radio. It was still a fairly new phenomenon then (XM launched in 2001), and my friend swore up and down that it wouldn’t last, that it was just a gimmick to get people to spend money. Almost 10 years and nearly 20 million subscribers later… I told you so!

What about you? What are some things that you’ve been right about that you just need to let out a strong, soul-satisfying “I told you so!” about?



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