Getting to Know You… No Internet Edition

The internet is out at my Thursday office, a local coffee shop, and I’m posting this from my phone. So, in the absence of the ability to scour the interwebs for interesting stuff to thief for my usual Thiefin’ Thursday post, I thought it might be fun for us to get to know one another a little better.

1) How do you handle not having the internet? Is it a welcome break or a huge annoyance?
2) What’s your favorite non-internet-related activity (keep it PG, please…)?
3) Look into the future, and cast your vision for the internet’s role in everyday life 10 years from now.




  1. 1) Not a huge annoyance, as long as I have solid 3G coverage on my phone and can get to the internet that way (like today). Sometimes, like when I’m on vacation or something, I like a nice break from the internet. But most other times it’s a huge annoyance.

    2) It depends… Sometimes it’s tv. Sometimes reading a good book. Sometimes golf. Sometimes hanging out with people.

    3) In 10 years, everyone with a global ID number will also have access to the worldwide 9G wifi network through our sub-microscopic retinal implants. These implants will project information and video straight onto the back of the lens in our eyes and audio directly into our ear canals. As this happens, the pace of global business will slow down dramatically, as bosses will no longer have any way to tell when employees are goofing off in staff meetings instead of paying attention.


  2. 1) Totally depends on the circumstances surrounding the outage. Snowed in at my apartment? HUGE annoyance. On the beach? Not even on my mind.

    2) Reading, for sure. Or, you know, interacting with people in a non-digital forum…

    3) Actually I think we will all be able to log on and interact with programs like they are people. Data will look like frisbees and will have a nifty carrying slot on the backs of both users and programs…but when these frisbees are thrown you wont want to try to catch them because you will pixellate and be deleted. Because of the lack of evidence (ie bodies), unsolved murders will skyrocket. Everyday will be like a rave; lots of neon! Oh! And we might not have achieved traveling at the speed of light, but we WILL have accomplished traveling with a tail of light capable of demolishing other vehicles. Cant wait for that! And dont get me started on the skin tight leather and latex…(insert the howl of a wolf).


    • I think you’re on the right track with your answer to #1, actually. If you don’t have food, but do have the internet, you can use the internet to have some food delivered to your house. Ergo, if you have internet you have both, but if you only have food, that’s all you’ve got…


  3. 1) It isn’t usually an issue for me because I do have my phone for backup. There are times when I purposely shut myself off from the internet, though. Sometime I just need a break!

    2) Anything involving friends, music, movies and/or a great novel.

    3) What a wonderfully geeky question! Unfortunately, I am not clever enough to answer this question with any real dignity. I will say that I always enjoy watching old Science Fiction movies that happen around this time in the future. Seeing where they thought we would be is always hilarious to me; especially considering the gadgets we have look SO much cooler and yet don’t do anything nearly as awesome as they thought they would. (Did that make sense? LoL)


    • I get you… Their teleportation devices look like chunky phone booths, but they’re teleportation devices. Meanwhile we have super-cool looking devices like the iPad that are basically just computers without keyboards. And still don’t support flash video…


  4. 1) I honestly don’t remember what I did the last time I didn’t have internet. Oh wait, yes I do, I was in Mexico doing construction on a mission trip… and I didn’t have access to the internet for a day because I didn’t have the wifi password. It was Ok, I just built stuff.
    2) Geocaching, oh wait that requires internet. Wrestling with my kids, for sure.
    3) 10 years from now I hope to have read the entire internet by then.


    • Ben, are you big into geocaching? I had heard of it before, but always thought it was for rich people who had the time and resources to travel the world and get into remote places. Then I found out that there’s a geocache in the bushes outside the Big Lots in my town. Crazy…


      • Holy Moly man, geocaching has seriously put a whole new dimension on our “family time” because it’s free, and it’s super fun. We’ve just started doing it the past 2 months, I wish we’d have known about it sooner.


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