Photography Friday – Lonely Lily

I’m very excited, and a little bit nervous, to introduce a new feature here at the Pursuit of God. Photography Friday was a feature on another blog I used to (sometimes) keep as a sort of companion blog for PoG, an outlet for creative stuff from my personal pursuit of God. Then I realized that it was sort of silly to have one blog that was about how the pursuit of God encompasses every area of life, yet put all my artsy stuff on a separate blog. So long story short, my other blog (‘Artistic Pursuits’) is no more, and all the content that I had posted there will, over time, make its way here to PoG.

I’ll start that migration by introducing Photography Friday here. These posts will feature some of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. I plan to post these every other week or so. The first 7 Photography Friday posts will be stuff that I’m bringing over from Artistic Pursuits, and after that will come newer photos taken with my new nice camera that I got for Christmas. I hope you enjoy these!

These were taken from a canoe on the swamp at Cypress Gardens, just down the road from where I live. This lily just amazed me. It’s so well-formed, symmetrical, and pristine. It’s quite beautiful, actually. And it was sitting out in the middle of a swamp, with bugs and algae and weird oily film on the water. Beauty in the midst of ugliness, or at best averageness… I think that’s awesome.




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