Random Randomness

Every now and then, I like to just jot down some random thoughts that I’ve had lately. These usually aren’t long enough to be their own blog posts, so I throw them all together in a post I call “Random Randomness.”

-Here’s something awesome… Thanks to you, the reader, and some good advice and tips (and occasional post-pimping) from Bryan Allain, January 2011 is already the biggest month ever in the history of PoG (and there are 12 days left, including today). Check it out…

-Speaking of Bryan Allain, make sure you check out his blog at bryanallain.com. It’s very funny most of the time. And if you’re an aspiring blogger yourself, check out his blog coaching program called BlogRocket at blogrocket.net.

-Speaking of coaching, did you see the Green Bay Packers absolutely dismantle my hometown Atlanta Falcons last weekend? Holy cow! I wish I hadn’t seen it, honestly. There would be fewer cuss words floating around in space over Berkeley County, SC, for sure… All that to say, I think it’s about time we find a new defensive coordinator. Our guys played better towards the end of the season, but were deep in the bottom half of the league defensively for most of the season. And Aaron Rogers found every weak spot we had last Saturday. Apparently there were a lot…

-Speaking of rockets, did you know that NASA is shutting down the space shuttle program? I didn’t until recently. I don’t know what this is going to mean for the U.S. space program. But as someone who was born and had some of my formative years during the end of the Cold War, I can’t imagine the United States without a space program…

-Speaking of space, there’s not much of it in my life right now. I don’t like that. But I know that I need to learn to work with it. When I don’t have enough margin in my life I get super stressed out about everything and with everybody. But when I have too much margin I get bored and fall into bad habits, which tends to make me super stressed out about everything and with everybody. So I’m shooting for balance, which is a hard thing to get in your life.

-Speaking of things that are hard to get, I’m thinking about making “cool points” a running feature here on the blog. From time to time I have awarded mythical “cool points” to people who have commented or contributed to the conversation in some way. I think I might start keeping a running tally of these and award a prize at the end of the year. Thoughts?



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