New Year’s Eve Video

If you missed my “Happy New Year!” post earlier this month, then you probably missed the photos from my youth group’s annual New Year’s Eve Tree Extravaganza. Never fear! I’ve finally gotten around to editing the video we shot during the event. This video is how my youth group rolls on New Year’s Eve, and the 10-year-old pyromaniac inside me loves every second of it. Check out the highlight video below from our 2010-11 New Year’s Eve Tree Extravaganza.

We do everything we can to make it safe – we notify the fire department, make sure everyone is at a (fairly) safe distance, and we even had a fireman who goes to our church on site to help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. I’m about 90% sure this is legal, but 1000% sure it’s awesome. Things that didn’t quite make the highlight reel this year: a bottle rocket shooting towards us and exploding underneath a bench some girls were sitting on, another bottle rocket almost hitting the camera (which was not at a safe distance from the trees), and an awesome 20 seconds or so where you can see our fireman silhouetted against the burning trees while he lit up our “Grand Finale.” Such good times!

What’s your New Year’s Eve tradition? Do you go to a big party? Shoot off fireworks? Burn dried-out Christmas trees? Share your celebrations in the comments!




  1. My dad’s birthday is 12/31, so most every NYE growing up involved a combination birthday/New Year’s party. He’s also into guns, so he would go out side at midnight and start shooting.

    Since we got married and had kids, my wife and I haven’t had a set routine… since she has been in her first trimester 3 out of the 8 years we’ve been together, she usually is in bed early.

    So, with the fireworks, are they set off within the tree fire or on the outside. I think I need a diagram so I can try this.


    • Yeah, I can see how being in the “sick-almost-everyday” phase of pregnancy could throw a wrench into staying up all night and celebrating…

      We ask people in our church who are willing to donate their tree to simply stop watering it after Christmas Day. Then, after they’ve undecorated their tree, they bring it up to the church and drop it off. On New Year’s Eve, we have our students re-decorate the trees, only with fireworks instead of ornaments. My favorite are the mortar-style shells. You can literally hang them on the tree like a ball ornament, and they always explode well. Although the rockets shooting off in random directions are very fun, too…


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