How Do You Foster Creativity?

What I’m wondering this morning is, what’s your creative process? Not many of us are full-time creatives, people who are constantly generating ideas, art, photos, video, stuff like that… But I think all of us at least have times where we need to generate some creativity, whether it’s a snow day and you have to come up with a quick fun activity for your house-bound children, a project at work that really needs to pop, or maybe just a hobby or side job that is creative in nature.

So what’s your process? How do you do it? I’m really curious right now, because I think my own creative process might be broken. It used to be that my most creative hours were early in the morning. If I got myself up early in the morning and blocked out as many distractions as possible, I could usually get 2-3 hours of decent to pretty good material out of myself. Lately I’ve noticed that those early morning hours tend to be productive, but not necessarily creative. That is, I get things done better in the mornings, but the idea well seems to still be a little dry.

What do you do to generate creative ideas? Is it a particular place for you? A particular time of day? Do you get around particular people? Hit up the comments section below, and maybe we can all help each other!




  1. One thing I do that I now find completely necessary (although it’s probably just me) is to adjust my phone. I set an alarm for whenever I need to stop and set my phone to silent except for the alarm. If I don’t do this, then I spend my time panicking and wondering whether I’m late for work. It allows me to totally immerse myself in the creative process. It’s a small thing, but it has been beneficial to me.


    • It’s so interesting how different people’s minds work… I’ve tried something like this before, and I end up completely stressing myself out to get some creative stuff done before the alarm goes off. I haven’t tried it in awhile, so maybe it’ll do me good to revisit this idea…


  2. I find that ideas pop up at random times throughout the day, and not when I’m necessarily ready and working on the project they pertain to.

    So I jot them down in my iPod and email them to myself for later development.


    • I’ve started using a combination of Evernote and a small notebook that I keep in my back pocket for this very reason. So far, it hasn’t helped much, but I’m sticking with it…


  3. For me it involves 2 things: waking up early (before everyone else in the house) and pluggin in some music. Lately that has gotten the juices flowing more than usual. đŸ™‚


  4. Wow. I never really considered my creative process before. To me, defining it as a process would ultimately confine and restrict it. I find that I enjoy playing with ideas in my head, and jotting good ones down here and there. If I could identify one thing that helps, it would be that I try my best not to edit any ideas while they are bouncing around in my head. Allow those really crazy ideas to lead to others, or die off, or whatever…just be open to whatever pops up and ready to capitalize on it when it’s good. Hmm…did any of that make sense?


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