Weekend Update

This weekend was crazy. Not crazy like an episode of Skins, but crazy in a cooler ways, with less alcohol and drug use. Here’s the rundown.

Friday, 7AM – As part of my BlogRocket experience, I made it a goal to migrate this blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. That process began at 7 AM last Friday. I’ve got a new domain name, and am working on a new look and feel there. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in the next couple of weeks. In fact, I’ll probably share the new site with some of you regulars before I officially publish it to the world so that I can get some feedback from you.

Friday, 9AM – Two of my youth ministry buddies came over for “B-Movie Marathon, January, 2011.” We only watched two movies, but they were dandies – The Evil Dead, and Mortal Kombat: the Movie (also known as, as imdb.com was kind enough to inform me, Mortal Kombat: la Pelicula). Mostly we just hung out and enjoyed the awesomely badd-ness of those two movies. Movies on my Netflix queue we didn’t watch: Brotherhood of Justice, 2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages, Merlin and the Book of Beasts, The Philadelphia Experiment, and 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.

Friday, 5:30PM – Michelle and I went over to some friends’ house to have dinner with them. The husband made chicken wings and they were very good. Also, I played through pretty much the entire campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops with him while the four of us talked about life and stuff. Great times!

Saturday, 8AM – Woke up. This marked the first time in probably two weeks that I’ve slept past 7Am or so. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. We like our sleep. This, as much as any other reason, is probably why we don’t have and kids yet.

Saturday, 6PM – Michelle and I went out on date night, or as Pastor Mark Driscoll has popularized on Twitter, “D8 Nite.” We went to Olive Garden for dinner. There was a long wait, but we scored when we saw one of the tables in the bar area open up. Or so we thought… We had just finished our first round of salad and breadsticks when one of the guys at the bar near us put his head between his knees and threw up. Literally 6 feet from us. I think he had been eating raw onions or something… Awful. Thankfully, they moved us to another table, and the rest of the dinner was saved.

Saturday, 9PM – Part 2 of D8 Nite involved us going to the Carolina Ice Palace for ice skating. I had never been before. Michelle had. She told me that I would probably fall down a lot, and that I would definitely be sore the next day. Neither happened. As it turns out, I’m a natural. In fact, I’m ready to turn pro at ice skating. Does anyone know if there’s an ice skating league where all you do is skate at moderate speeds and turn left?

Sunday, 11AM – Super worship service yesterday! It was tight, focused, the band was great, and we ended it with a baptism. Awesome all around.

Sunday, 4PM – Michelle randomly suggested we go on a bike ride. In all honesty, my first inclination was, “No, I think I’m going to lay down and nap.” But I agreed to go, and it ended up being such a great and memorable time. We just rode around our neighborhood and talked. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

So there it is. That was my crazy weekend… Crazy-awesome! Except for the vomit in Olive Garden… That was just crazy.

How was your weekend?




  1. What does a move to .org entail, besides $$$? Congrats, BlogRocketeer.

    And I would have skipped straight to the 3 Ninjas movie… it has Loni Anderson, Ernest P Worrell and… HULK HOGAN!!!!


    • WordPress.org is actually free, and there are some pretty good free themes out there. The only thing you really have to pay for is domain registration and server hosting. You can get all that super cheap from places like GoDaddy.com, but they place pretty tight limitations on you in terms of storage space, site traffic, etc. I went with Dreamhost. It’s $10 a month ($9 if you buy two years at a time), and they gave me two free domain name registrations for life.

      Also, I pushed for the 3 Ninjas movie, but got outvoted… In my own house…


  2. Busy weekend–Men’s mininstry breakfast, kids basketball game, lengthy ordination service, 2 Sunday services, basketball, late night trip to the hospital to be with a church member whose mother had a heart attack.


    • That all sounds pretty good, except for the last bit… Awesome of you to make the late night trip, though. When my dad died, it was huge to me that my pastor, youth pastor, and small group leader showed up at the hospital at 3 AM.


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