Some Other Things I Think About on Groundhog Day

Yesterday I posted a hard-hitting expose about Punxsutawney Phil, his insidious hold on American culture, and the shadowy organization that keeps him in power. Believe me, I took a pretty severe risk sharing all of that with you. Just take a look at this photo I found of Punxsutawney Phil from back when he was hob-nobbing with Castro and Guevara in the 60s. I’m still here, so they haven’t gotten to me yet, but I’m still being very cautious and trying to stay in well-lit public areas. The oppressive regime of P. Phil and his backers is normally right at the forefront of my mind each year on February 2nd. However, there are a few other things I normally think about at least once throughout Groundhog Day, and I’d like to share them with you now.

It’s “Groundhog Day” (singular), not “Groundhog’s Day” (possessive)

It’s the day of the groundhog (evil though he may be), not the day that belongs to the groundhog. Let’s have some proper grammar here, people. On a similar note, it’s “Valentine’s Day” (possessive), not “Valentines Day” (plural). And in the Bible, it’s the book of “Revelation” (as in, the thing revealed), not “Revelations” (as in, there are many revelations in this book).

Speaking of word stuff, let’s all pronounce the month correctly

February (feb-roo-air-ee), not (feb-u-air-ee). I’m not saying it was a good idea to name this month February instead of Febuary. It’s definitely harder to pronounce. Maybe that’s why February is the shortest month… You only have to stumble over its difficult pronunciation 28 times each year. Except on leap-years… Man, what a dastardly and devious month!

Bill Murray movies are usually funny, but also a little depressing

Groundhog Day is classic Bill Murray. Most of it is very funny. But parts of it are incredibly depressing. You can get just a glimpse of it in this original preview for the movie. Just count how many times in this preview alone he tries to kill himself…

A joke my dad used to tell

It was typical of my dad’s sense of humor. Thankfully, at least for me, I have pretty much the same sense of humor. Here’s the joke.

Three men died and went to heaven. As they approached the pearly gates, they were met by St. Peter, who told them that they must each answer a question in order to be allowed in.

Peter’s question was simple – “What is easter?”

The first man stepped forward and said, “Well, I know it has something to do with candy and animals… Is easter when we all dress up and go door to door getting candy?”

Sadly, Peter had to deny the man entrance.

The second man spoke up and said, “Oh, I know! Easter is all about Jesus!” Peter smiled. The man continued, “Yeah, easter is when Jesus was born, and so we give each other gifts in honor of that.”

Peter, dismayed, had to turn the second man away as well.

Finally, after thinking about it for several minutes, the third man spoke up and said, “Easter is about Jesus. It is the day when Jesus came out of his tomb.” Peter was ecstatic, and began to move aside to let the man into heaven. But the man continued, “Yes, he came out of his tomb, but if he sees his shadow, then he goes back inside and we have six more weeks of winter!”

I didn’t say it was the greatest joke, I just said it was one my dad used to tell.

Well, that’s pretty much it. What kind of random stuff do you think about on Groundhog Day?




  1. The Groundhogs Day thing kills me.

    Related: JC Penneys (instead of JC Penney), Barnes & Nobles (instead of Barnes & Noble)

    of course, my amazing wife is the biggest culprit of those…so i’ve learned to ignore it 🙂


    • All good ones… I interned with a guy once who absolutely couldn’t stand it when people said “Eckerds” instead of the correct “Eckerd.” I literally saw him pull the youth group van over once on a trip and berate a kid for saying “Eckerds.”


  2. 1) Your dad is awesome.

    2) Also have a few places to add w/ Brian: Walmark, Tarzhaaay ( I mean really?)

    I’ve heard Fevrooary and Nobemver as well. The heck.


    • 1) Thank you.
      2) The town I live in is called “Moncks Corner.” It is not uncommon at all to hear someone pronounce it “MunCawnuh.” Or, the next town over, “St. Stephen,” becomes “SaunStevuh.” Or the ever popular ‘libary.” Gotta love the South, man…


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