Getting to Know You… Conference Edition

Hey, guess what?! Apparently, I’m a “fantastic youth ministry voice…” At least that’s what Josh Griffin said on his blog. If you hit that link, you’ll see that he’s going to Kenya for 10 days and having some “fantastic youth ministry voices” guest posting on his blog. And I’m one of them! Check back on Josh’s blog, next Monday, February 7th, for my post there. Now back to business…

I’m at a church leadership conference in Savannah, GA, and there’s a million different things going on, so I figured it would be a great time to do some community building. Since I’m at a conference (or ‘convention’, if you will), it’s got me thinking about some of the conferences I went to when I was in youth group growing up. So, let’s get to know one another a little better by answering these youth conference questions together!

1) Did you go to any kind of youth conference or convention when you were growing up?

2) On a scale of “Stanley from The Office” to “Amy Winehouse”, how crazy were some of the people you were in youth group with?

3) What’s your favorite conference prank that you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in?*

*Assuming that revealing this won’t get you into any trouble**

**But if it will get you into trouble, then email me the story, because it sounds like it must have been a pretty awesome prank…


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  1. 1) We usually went to the Georgia Christian Youth Convention (held in Hilton Head, SC, if you believe it), and Christ in Youth’s high school summer conference.

    2) We had people all over the scale, but I’d say that we probably averaged out somewhere around “Snooki.”

    3) It’s too long of a story for the comments section, and really deserves its own post anyways. Suffice it to say it involved a room full of boys on a 5th floor balcony throwing wads of wet toilet paper at girls on a 2nd story balcony, who turned out not to be girls from their youth group.


  2. 1) 2) I grew up outside of the church. No stories here, although the kids I lead now have provided me with enough stories (headaches) to share for days.

    3) The best (worst) prank so far was when one kid tricked another kid into drinking his pee. And he enjoyed it.


  3. 1) Did you go to any kind of youth conference or convention when you were growing up?

    The church that I grew up in was usually more of a “let’s-do-it-ourselves” sort of group. So, we went to camps and retreats that we were heavily involved in planning. They were usually done with about ten other churches, and we usually stayed at one of two different competing camps in Texas.

    2) On a scale of “Stanley from The Office“ to “Amy Winehouse”, how crazy were some of the people you were in youth group with?

    I think there should probably be a distinction between the leaders and the students. Leaders were crazy on a Ryan Seacrest level – they are really good and polished with what they do, but at the same time you think they might do something strangely unpredictable just for the fun of messing with live audiences. The students were just about everywhere, so if we’re keeping with the American Idol theme, we’ll say we averaged at the crazed attention-seeking contestants (ranging from really good to 15-minutes-of-fame-seekers).

    3) What’s your favorite conference prank that you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in?

    Probably the best one was when a camp leader woke up and brought all of the guys into a conference room at about 2:30 to tell us that someone had pulled a prank by detaching all of the trailers from the vans and letting them slide down the giant hill at the end of the campgrounds. They told us that we would all need to help by going down and getting them back up. So, because we trusted our leader and were still all in a sleep walking haze, we braved the freezing cold weather and went down to the bottom of the giant hill in our T-Shirts and gym shorts. Only when we got there, there were in fact no trailers, but instead an army of all of the girls from my church with water balloons, water guns, silly string, shaving cream, and just about any other camp related warfare. It was really a perfect prank because there was no premise or build-up. It was beautifully executed. Well done, girls. Well done.


    • That prank sounds awesome, and sort of in line with a prank we pulled on the campers at a week of camp I led a couple of summers ago. I’ll have to write that one up in a post soon…

      On another note, isn’t it awesome when youth group pranks move beyond the hackneyed, mundane stuff like putting shaving cream in someone’s shoes, seran-wrapping a toilet seat, or rolling someone’s house with toilet paper?


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