Cool Stuff

My reactions to last night’s game and commercials will have to wait until later this week. Today, there are some cool things I need to tell you about.

-Today is an awesome day for me. I want each of you to click over to and read my first ever guest post there. It’s called “The Thing About Spurs,” and it’s about spurs… And ministry… I like it, and I hope you do, too.

-Another new, exciting thing for me is that I’m in the process of migrating this blog over to the fancier, more customizable version of WordPress. I’m getting pretty pumped about it. In order to make it as good as it can be, I need some help – if you’re a regular reader, and have any experience with designing/creating a cool background for a website, would you email me? I’m at a point where my lack of technical ability is bumping against my creativity pretty hard.

-Here’s something else that’s cool that I shared with our congregation yesterday: Yesterday was the SuperBowl, the granddaddy of all American sporting events. Part of the awesome thing about sports is that fans of a team get to participate vicariously in the team’s victory. When the Braves win I don’t say, “The team I support won the game.” Instead, I say, “We won!” As a Braves fan, I get to claim that victory. But what’s even cooler is that a greater victory than that, or than winning the SuperBowl, was won by Jesus Christ. He won a victory on the cross over sin and death. And as his followers, we get to claim that victory. Amen, and amen.



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