Weird Science

You may not know this about me, but I’m a huge geek. Seriously. No, for real! I’m really not kidding, I’m not as suave and debonaire as I portray publicly… Awww, you’re sweet to say that… No, you’re the coolest!… Okay, okay, I am the coolest…

But anyways, I love learning things and discovering new science-y things to be amazed at. A couple of weeks ago, one just fell into my lap…

My lovely wife got me a combination travel mug/french press coffee maker for Christmas. I love it! It’s sweet to be able to pour in some hot water and make my coffee on the way to work. In case you don’t know how a french press works, here’s the gist: you put coffee grounds and any sweetener/creamer you want in the bottom of the container; then you pour almost-boiling water over it and put the lid on; after steeping for 4 minutes or so, you push the plunger down and the filter pushes all the coffee grounds down, leaving you with a fantastic cup of coffee.

Except for it always seems to miss a little bit of the coffee grounds…

I didn’t think much of it until one day, after I had had my morning cup of coffee, I washed out my travel press (see what I did with the name there…?) and filled it with water to help stay hydrated throughout the day. At one point, I knew I still had water in the thing, but I wasn’t getting any out. That’s when I saw this…


What you’re looking at is weird science. The filter that catches the coffee grounds and pushes them towards the bottom regularly allows a little of the coffee grounds through, yet in this photo you’re seeing it stop water from passing through.

So I asked myself, “What does this tell me about the world?” I think the inescapable answer is this: coffee grounds, though they appear larger, are in fact smaller than a molecule of water. Weird science for sure, but hey, the data doesn’t lie.

We live in an amazing universe people. Peace!



  1. The only thing my wife ever gets me is subscriptions to Men’s health to let me know who she thinks is more attractive to her than me. She could make it a little less obvious than circling Matthew Fox’s abs with lipstick.


  2. Just a thought – while the universe is amazing, you could try (if you don’t already) grinding your own beans. Sometimes pre-ground coffee is too fine for a French press. If you grind it, grind it so the the coffee is coarse and not fine.
    I had to play with mine to find the right grind, but it was worth it.

    Also, photosynthesis is pretty cool.


    • I do grind my own. Well, the machine at Wal-Mart grinds it for me, but I use the “Coarse – French Press” setting. It’s all good.

      And yes, photosynthesis is ridiculous. “Hey, let’s use sunlight and this mysterious substance called chlorophyll to turn poisonous carbon dioxide into life-sustaining oxygen.” Sweet idea, God. Sweet idea…


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