Goodbye Good Morning Chia Lincoln

Rhett Butler and Link from 'Zelda'. Err... Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

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Two of the funniest people I have ever come across are Rhett and Link, the comedy duo and self-styled “Internetainers” from North Carolina. To be blunt about it, they are hilarious. In case you’ve never seen any of their stuff, check out their main YouTube channel RhettandLink. They post new videos to that channel at least every Monday, and sometimes more frequently than that. My personal favorites are The BBQ Song, thePhatdippin’ Rap, and In the 80s.

Recently Rhett and Link started a second YouTube channel,Rhettandlink2, in order to do a daily morning show called Good Morning Chia Lincoln. I didn’t watch it for quite awhile because as much as I like Rhett and Link, I didn’t think it would be much good.

Chia Lincoln.

Well I finally gave it a chance and started getting caught up a little bit (each episode is only about 10 minutes), and last Friday they dropped the news – Good Morning Chia Lincoln will be going away, at least for awhile. Rhett and Link will be temporarily moving to California to work on some big project for awhile, so they are ending “season 1” of Good Morning Chia Lincoln this Friday.

So, I just wanted to give the funny guys from North Carolina some love today. Check out their YouTube channels and enjoy their quirky humor. Who knows, maybe you’ll become one of their Mythical Beasts…



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