#tt (Thiefin’ Thursday) – The Chronicles of Rick Roll

(Tomorrow is the last day that pofgblog.com will be getting new posts. Navigate over to joerob.com and click the orange subscribe button towards the top right corner. Or bookmark it. Just do something, because I don’t want you to miss out on any content!)

For those of you new to this blog in the last month or so, Thiefin’ Thursday is actually the oldest running feature I’ve got. The concept is simple – once a week or so I thief something from somewhere on the internet and bring it to you here at joerob.com. These are usually things that are funny, and I try my best to not be 3 weeks behind everyone else, so hopefully it will be something funny that you haven’t seen yet.

Today’s offering absolutely blew my mind when I saw it. Apparently, a handful of internet meme legends have gotten together to make a movie about, well God only knows what it will be about… Here’s the teaser video.

Yeah, my first thought was, “this has got to be fake,” too. But apparently it’s not. Here is a “behind the scenes” clip with some of the personalities involved.

Lord help us…



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