Weekend Update

Weekends are mostly awesome, right? Well, at least mine are. And every now and then I think they’re awesome enough to share with you. Here’s what went down…

Friday afternoon I went fishing and caught my first ever yellow perch. I don’t know if you’re into fish or not, but check out the photo below. I think that fish was beautiful.


This guy wasn’t the biggest fish I’ve ever caught, but he was the most fun for sure. And the prettiest.

– Saturday afternoon I went fishing again, but this time all I caught was a gorgeous sunset.

Still a win…

– Sunday morning I got the opportunity to just be in a worship service with Michelle. We were blessed to hear a fantastic message from Pastor Greg, finishing out the ‘Immeasurable’ series. If you’ve got some free time, you can watch or listen to it here. It was all about passing it on to the next generation, and as someone who works in family ministry, that’s very exciting.

– Sunday evening there was a football game on TV. Did you guys know that? There was only one, so I’m not sure it got a lot of publicity beforehand… It was a great Super Bowl, one of the best in my lifetime, and certainly the best since four years ago when the Giants played the Patriots. More important than the game, though, was being able to get together with a bunch of old friends to fellowship and celebrate. Seriously, the game was great, but spending it with good friends was better.

How was your weekend?



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