Baseball Quotes – “It’s Beautiful…”

Last spring I started a series that I never really finished titled “Why Baseball is Better Than…” Although I do still plan on adding to that, this year I thought it might make for a better and more consistent series if I shared a quote or two about baseball each week, along with my thoughts about it.



“…it’s beautiful – the way the field fans out, the choreography of the sport, the pace and rhythm of it, the fact that that pace and rhythm allows for conversation and reflection and opinion and comparison…” – Bob Costas

I agree wholeheartedly with Bob Costas. I think one of the main things that sets baseball apart from every other sport except golf is the sheer beauty of it.

There is no man-made structure in existence that is more beautiful than a well-kept baseball field.

There is no motion in sports more beautiful than a great batter’s swing.

There is no choreography of movement in sports that even comes close to a well-turned double play.

There is no sound in sports that is more exciting or fills its hearers simultaneously with great hope or crushing despair than the crack of the bat hitting the ball.

Put all these beautiful things together, and you end up with a game beyond comparison, at least in my opinion.




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